Overview of penthouse apartments in Ho Chi Minh City

What is a penthouse apartment?

– What is the concept of a penthouse apartment?

Penthouse apartments are the name to refer to apartments located on the top penthouse hcm of the building (or you can call these apartments a penthouse). This is a unique initiative of European interior designers in realizing the great potential of creating impressive spaces by taking advantage of the rooftop space. the average area from 150 – 1000 m2 depending on the design of the investor.

As you know, penthouses in Ho Chi Minh City are no longer strange to everyone, even this type of apartment is more popular than large villas. Open living space on the upper floor.

– The birth time of penthouse apartments in Saigon

According to experts, penthouses were born in the 20s of the last century in many American cities. Typically, in 1923, the first penthouse apartment in Saigon appeared at the Plaza hotel building with a view overlooking New York’s Central Park. later formed in many other regions of the world. That luc is called a luxury apartment.

– Structure of Penthouse Apartment in HCMC

Penthouses have a common structure with luxurious and lavish interior design that is different from other apartments with a larger area to create a different space. Normally, penthouse apartments consist of 02 floors or more with stairs to the upper floor, which are arranged in most of the apartment. Besides, the large balcony is designed running along the house to create a special and unique feature.

In an apartment building, it is possible to design many apartments in a new style, but there are also cases where only one can be designed

This is a unique, separate space that investors who build buildings want to dedicate to upper-class customers.


– The trend of choosing penthouse apartments is more and more

The trend of choosing high-class penthouses in the center of District 1

Many upper-class people want to own a luxury apartment, that’s why the price of this luxury apartment line in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and in Vietnam in general is increasing day by day.

It is not obvious that this type of luxury apartment is so loved by many people. brings you many great things, such as:

– You can live in a high-class apartment space with luxurious and modern furniture.

Many penthouses in Saigon also have their own entrances to create a separate and independent space in a great way.

– With the design located on the top floor of the building, the panoramic view to enjoy life at the penthouse apartments is extremely ideal.

Or to put it simply, a penthouse apartment in Ho Chi Minh City offers a great living space for you and your family.

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penthouse apartment in HCMC

Criteria to evaluate Saigon penthouse luxury apartment

Great living space with many good amenities to bring you the best life

– The first is that the penthouse in Saigon needs to be luxuriously and lavishly designed and consists of at least 02 floors.

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